SAB Installation / Programming Instructions

  • Set your eeprom programmer up for the appropriate memory eprom or eeprom that you are using.
  • Remove the eprom/eeprom from the SAB and install in your programmer. It is recommended that you "read" the  eeprom and confirm that the data read matches the test data
  • If the data does not match then you more than likely have a have a problem with your programmer. After you have programmed the eprom/eeprom with your information, carefully reinstall the eprom/eeprom in SAB. (be sure the pin alignment is correct).
  • You will need to bend Q-1101 as shown to prevent it from touching the SAB. You can also cover the tap with a piece of electrical tape as an added safety measure. (Click on the picture for a better view)
sab1.jpg (41834 bytes)
  • Install the SAB as shown. (Click on the picture for a better view). 
p3.jpg (44274 bytes)