Motorola Programming Information

*** None of this equipment is for sale, as we use it almost daily ***

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The R-1801 programs a large number of radios, pagers and base stations if you have the correct software and hardware.             

We buy and sell R-1801 programmers and accessories, and supply programmed memory modules for most of  the older Motorola radios.


hx-20.jpg (53849 bytes) The HX-20 programmer is based on an EPSON HX-20 laptop computer and a Motorola  EEPROM programmer that attaches directly to the side of the HX-20. The HX-20 will program the Syntor X, Syntor X-9000, Mostar NVR and Mostar Display if you have appropriate programming software.


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The MIB (Mostar Interface Box) allows programming of the Mostar VHF & UHF conventional radios with a PC.


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The RIB (Radio Interface Box) allows programming of most newer Motorola radios that can be programmed with a PC.  


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